Our history

Friends since 14 years, we met each other at engineer school at Paris. We quickly collaborate for all our projects. We also live together in 3 different countries.


Recently, we decided to create our Meta Agency to help companies and individuals enter this new world.


Our approach

Our approach is based on reality, we want to create virtual things which have an impact in the real world. The ideas are always based on our client identity and history. 

VIO - Web3 Agency - Rod & Max

Former engineer, specialist of digital retail. I worked in design agency during 12 years. I developed a graphic and strategic eye on top of my passion for new technologies.


Former engineer, specialist of electronical tech. I worked in technical industry since 13 years. I developed a project management and technical R&d skills during those years.


Web3 trainings

Crypto creation

NFT development

Metaverse integration

Experience design

Strategic support

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