Non-fungible token – It means that it can not be devided in multiple owner. A NFT is often something virtual (art, domain, certificate, …) stock and share with the blockchain.

If you want to know a bit more on NFT and blockchain

We are also possesser and creator of NFTs since few years.


We decided to put our knowledge at the disposal of companies or individuals wishing to create their own collection of NFTs.

NFT Project Skills

VIO - Web3 Agency - Crypto Project Skills - Trainings


We have created several types of training. It can be group or individual session. The time and details depend of the level and the wants of the client. In this training you will learn about blockchain and NFT. It's possible to add practice time to the training.

VIO - Web3 Agency - Crypto Project Skills - Creation


A creation phase contain thinking, strategy and design. We will think and search for the best solutions to propose. Then the concept has to be define before designing all the assets needed.

We also create the specific media of the NFT (vidéo, graphic design, art, …)

VIO - Web3 Agency - Crypto Project Skills - Development


The validated concept has to be developed. We will technically implement the NFT and set up it on the blockchain.

Smart-contract development.

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If you have a NFT project or you're just curious, write us : hey@virtual-station.io

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