The Metaverse green challenge

Not a day goes by without a brand laying its foundations in what many describe as a new Eldorado. However, despite the hype surrounding the phenomenon, voices are beginning to rise, who are worried about the environmental mismanagement caused by meta-worlds. At a time when brands swear by “purpose” and CSR, should they be wary of virtual worlds?

Two beaches, two atmospheres. On the one hand, frugality, on the other, the technological orgy. At the last Cannes Lions, in June 2022, two worlds collided, without many people seeming shocked. On one side, the Gafa beaches, virtuously decorated with eco-responsible wooden furniture, where, next to giant digital screens flashing almost H24, you could try your hand, VR headset on your nose, in exploring a new promised land: that of the metaverse – absolute buzzword of the festival.

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