Virtual Station new Web3 Id Card

What is Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a multipurpose blockchain domain solution. You get your own unique domain name that you can use both as a username for Web3 apps and games, a decentralized website URL and for sending crypto over Ethereum, EOS, Telos, …

It exists since 2018 and become more used day by day.

Log in securely to the decentralized web in just a few clicks – without compromising privacy. Share data on your own terms.

Build your digital identity with Domain Profiles. Verify your social accounts, display your NFT avatar, and highlight achievements.

Make sending and receiving crypto simple. Replace long, complicated wallet addresses with a single easy-to-read name.

Build a Web3 website with a domain that you fully own and control. Your domain is yours for life – no renewal fees, gas fees or hosting fees.

Our experience

We knew UD since months but we decided to learn more about this solution. We have booked several domains this week, including virtual-station.wallet, which we will be use as our identity card in web3. With the aim of receiving payments more simply, as an identifier and as a showcase of our agency in this world.

If you want to learn more about this tech the website link is bellow and you can also contact us for more information…

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